maak plasing gnstling Eight wood and metal chairs in the MCM design - $200 (Guelph) verskuil hierdie plasing maak sigbaar

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Made by ISA International - who opened in 1976, these 8 chairs were custom ordered for use in the employees quarters of the now defunct SEARS. The company had no information on them when I enquired, other than their files stop at 15 years ago, so this design was produced before then ~ though their style belies an MCM vibe. I've tried finding when SEARS opened in my area, to better gauge when they would have been special-ordered, but got nowhere. Someone else's research puts them in mid-late 80's for production - though they're from a 50's/60's design. ..... Otherwise, the company caters mainly in commercial quality, where weight and heavy use are common factors - in other words, these were 'made to last'.

They have been cleaned (except for three nice wads of ancient chewing gum under the seat - that I left for prosperity sake!). In one of the photos you will notice that 4 will stack in a bloom.

For those interested, please respond to book an appointment to come view them in person at my downtown Guelph apartment - in the hall, like the main-photo shows. **** I insist that you inspect them first - opposed to my reserving them for you sight-unseen -- as they have been used (hence, the gum), and therefore DO have wear. You need to judge if you want them once you have seen them up close.

I do not have a vehicle, so you need to transport them.

Thank you.
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